Glitter Pennant Bunting


Because it’s the beginning of our blog history together, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I LOVE GLITTER. OK, maybe if you already know me, it’s not that big of a secret. And if you read our first post, it’s already obvious. But, I do. I love it. In high school, given my choice of formal wear, I’d don an all-sequin dress to dances. In college, I had a super rad pair of blinged-out disco ball pants. And now that I’m older and the number of occasions on which it is appropriate to decorate yourself in such a manner is dwindling, I dress my daughter in her fair share of glitter (there is never any objection on her part, by the way).

So you bet your sweet sequins that I jump at any chance to decorate with glitter (tastefully, I think). I was on the hunt recently for a sparkly pennant bunting and while I could find many a metallic to flutter my heart, I’ll be darned if I couldn’t find the glitter one that I needed. If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Am I right?!

Here’s the deal. You will need:

Glitter Bunting Materials

1. Glitter cardstock (I used cardstock from the Recollections at Michael’s craft store, which had a sequin-like variation of gold glitter sizes). 2. Bunting template. Fortunately for you, we posted one this week for free right here! 3. A tracing utensil. 4. A good pair of craft scissors (I use a pair like these). 5. A cutting mat. 6. A craft knife. 7. Baker’s twine or other hanging string (I was making this for a purple and gold party, so I used purple Baker’s twine) and a large-eyed needle.

What to do with it, you say? Follow these steps:

Bunting Trace

1. Print our handy pennant bunting template and cut it out. Trace your bunting pieces on the back (non-glittered) side of the cardstock. I like to use a gel pen in a color similar to the cardstock just in case it shows on the edges. Cut out as many pieces as you need to make the bunting your desired length. Each bunting piece is 6″ wide and I like to leave about 0.25″ of twine between each piece. So, if you want a 6 foot long bunting, you’ll need 11 pieces (and have a little room to play with still).

Bunting Cut

2. Using the marks on the template for reference, cut slits into each bunting piece through which you will run your Baker’s twine. It doesn’t need to be exact — the slits aren’t obvious once it’s hung up.

Sewing Bunting

3. Thread your needle with the Baker’s twine (you can leave it attached to the spool and just unwind it as you need it). Use the needle to thread the pieces onto the twine, running the length of the twine along the back of the bunting piece (so you don’t see it when it is hung up).


4. Continue threading pieces until you have a bunting the length you desire. Hang it up and let it sparkle!!!

p.s. some of the glitter may fall off the cardstock as you work with it. don’t fret. if you are using cardstock with large glitter pieces, you can glue some of them back on to patch it up. and if your cardstock has smaller glitter, you can use tacky spray and shake some loose glitter on any spots that look too bare.


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