I Want It Now: Frye Boots

grey fryesInstant gratification. It’s a slippery little sucker. For the past several years, each fall, I’ve almost purchased (as in they were in my online shopping cart and I was checking out) a pair of Frye boots. Last year, I even ordered them, but returned them because they didn’t fit. I’d put them out of my mind, but then we had to go and get a Frye store in DC. Walk in, try them on, bring them home?! Ack. I did it. A gorgeous grey pair of Melissa Buttons. Softer than a baby’s behind. And then I got them home and just couldn’t rationalize the purchase. Back they went. So, I still want them. Now.

Hear me, Santa? Let’s make it happen.


3 thoughts on “I Want It Now: Frye Boots

  1. I have exactly the same addiction to a certain Marc Jacobs handbag. I “visit” it, both virtually and in person, more often than I visit my parents.

  2. Funny, I have the same issue. I live in knee high boots in the winter and have trouble finding a pair that fits my long legs well. I finally justified getting a pair of Frye boots this season and returned them yesterday. I ordered the Paige tall riding boots and was really disappointed. I ordered 2 sizes and neither fit and I felt like the quality was really lacking for the price. My search continues!
    Congrats on the blog ladies!

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