Restyled Vintage Dressers

My daughter recently started to outgrow her “baby room” furniture. When we purchased the set, before my older son was born, I found our options for sturdy modern baby furniture to be limited. I loved the look of a lot of the high-end modern sets, but when we went to check it out in stores, it looked like it would break easily. After watching my kids jump on, wail on, and attempt to climb the sides of their furniture, I’m glad we didn’t get it. And the more mainstream stores hadn’t yet sleaked down their looks. In any event, what we ended up getting at the time now drives me crazy, but we’re stuck with it because I bought such sturdy stuff that has withstood two children and keeps on kicking. So when my sister, who is expecting her third boy (!) soon, asked whether I’d seen any good baby dressers recently, I knew exactly what to recommend: restyled vintage. Some of the pieces are actually vintage that have been lovingly updated and some are new furniture built with a nod to the mid-century. Either way, they are sturdy, stylish and can be easily transferred to a “big kid” room or anywhere else in your home.

Now if I can just get my kids to really go at their baby furniture, maybe I can get one, too.


1. This fabulously updated mid-century modern dresser by DapperDresser was sold, BUT they promise to be able to make another in a similar style. I mean, gold herringbone. What else needs to be said? 2. departmentChicago’s bold orange dresser would be the perfect pop of color to a neutral room. 3. The Papaya Tree builds custom furniture, so while it’s not technically vintage, you get to pick your own color (and from a variety of modern styles, too). Loving the blue on this one. 4. Revitalized Artistry also builds custom pieces by hand and this one is inspired by the mid-century’s geometric designs. Maybe the easiest piece on my list to transfer elsewhere in the house, it’s just gorgeous. 5. If this doesn’t scream my daughter Cameron’s sense of style, I don’t know what does. This hot pink and gold Campaign chest by HouseofWillow is glossy, girly, and sturdy all at the same time. Just like Cam. I almost didn’t want to share it.



7 thoughts on “Restyled Vintage Dressers

      • The Papaya Tree and Lesly Lozano are a SCAM. I ordered a campaign desk from The Papaya Tree and it arrived with wet chipping paint, cracks all over and rotting wood. It didn’t even match the picture of the desk she sent me for approval prior to sending me the desk.

        The Papaya Tree took the desk back after the shipping company confirmed the poor quality, damaged product, however the owner, Lesly Lozano, still has not refunded my money (almost one thousand dollars). She will not return emails and her phone doesn’t even have a voicemail set up. So please, BUYER BEWARE.

        This other furniture all looks really beautiful and I am sure it is great quality. Just beware of The Papaya Tree and Lesly Lozano. Save your self a huge headache (I have been dealing with her since last July and the issue still isn’t resolved) and buy your furniture somewhere else. I feel like I have been completely SCAMMED by Lesly and don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I have been and am still going through.

  1. I just stumbled across your brilliant blog by way of Pinterest and saw that you featured my gold herringbone dresser! Thanks so much and keep up the awesome blog posts 🙂

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