DIY Chalkboard Table Runner


Like everyone else, we’ve been smitten with chalkboard paint for some time now. In fact, both of our homes sport magnetic chalkboard walls that receive heavy usage. So when we started seeing chalkboard table runners in stores, but with hefty price tags, we knew that we’d have to figure out a way to make our own in time for Thanksgiving. Turns out it is SUPER simple and we were able to use materials we already had on hand to make a fabulous table runner that is both rustic and modern.

Here’s how to make your own. You’re gonna need to get your hands on:


1. A roll of kraft paper (we’ve used a large roll at least several times a week at my house for years, but are still working on the same roll. If you don’t want to buy a large roll, look for a roll of kraft wrapping paper). 2. A paint tray. 3. Chalkboard paint (a little bit goes a long way, so you can get away with a small can for a few table runners). 4. A bristle paint brush (we used a 2″ brush, but a wider one would likely have been helpful to have as well).

The steps are so simple it seemed silly to break them out. Just roll the kraft paper to your desired length, flip over (to counteract any curl from being rolled up), and weigh down the corners. Then brush on the chalkboard paint in sections, moving your brush side to side along the length of the paper (we tried the roller, but didn’t like the texture it left). You can completely cover the paper, but we left our edges showing a bit of the kraft paper. Let dry.

That’s it. Really. We tested out both old school chalk and a chalk pen — both worked well, we just liked the look of the chalk better. And it erased easily with an eraser.

We used ours to leave cheeky culinary hints for our guests. You could also use it to write placecards for diners, more clearly identify types of food (such as various cheeses on a cheese plate), or keep little ones’ hands busy while you serve dinner.

The options are endless, the application simple, and the end result was such a fabulous, coated-denim like material — I’m kind of obsessed. It even rolled up easily for storage!









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