Pretty Packaging for Leftovers

I don’t know about you, but if I could limit my holiday culinary indulging to just the actual holiday day, I’d be so much happier when January 1st rolls around. One way to do that? Continue the spirit of Thanksgiving by GIVING AWAY Thanksgiving leftovers to dinner guests. With a few simple supplies and A Feteful Life’s tags and labels for leftovers, you can set up a leftover station faster than you can trim a proper turkey (and I say that not knowing how to trim a turkey — I avoid it because it appears to take a long time). I stuck with brown kraft, white, a pretty plum color and a touch of gold. And, as a thanks to you, we are giving you FREE tags and labels — just click right here to download them! You can print them on sticker paper or tape them on with a little gold washi tape.


1. I’d start by putting out a mix of kraft and white take-out boxes, like these from Think Garnish. A good variety of sizes will ensure your guests have the right package for whatever grub they’re taking home. Seal the lid with an AFL sticker label or secure it with twine and tie a tag on.

2. You can’t go wrong by having plenty of gold washi tape around and you can use a small piece to secure a lid, close the flap of a bag, or tape on an AFL label. I love the real metallic shine of this one from a cute Portland Etsy shop.

3. Metallic gold and plum baker’s twine are the perfect functional accessory for your packaging setup. Wind a few lengths around your take-out box and tie on an AFL tag to make sure your sweets stay put.

4. Make sure to download A Feteful Life’s Tags and Labels to dress up your leftovers and remind your guests what goodness they’re taking home.

5. Kraft striped paper bags are a great size for a slice of leftovers, savory or sweet. Close it simply with a piece of gold washi tape or make sure little fingers stay out by tying it up with twine. Love these ones from cutetape (a super cute store, btw).

6. I need these kraft pie boxes (even though there’s usually no pie leftover in our house). The wooden fork is a nice, realistic touch. Who really makes it all the way home with pie leftovers, anyway?


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