Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers

So, my plan was to find a way to paleo-fy one of my favorite holiday brunch recipes. BUT I just couldn’t get it together in time. Don’t worry, I still plan to make it happen soon, but in realizing that I didn’t have enough time to pull that post together, I realized that I hadn’t even planned any of my paleo dishes for Thanksgiving. As I said before, I don’t cook Thanksgiving dinner, but I did plan on trying to make some special tasty sides that would help keep me on track. So I’ve gathered together a group of really yummy-looking appetizers that are easy, won’t ruin diners’ appetites, and will suit the paleo and non-paleo crowd alike. And you can probably easily get the ingredients before tomorrow if you don’t have them. I’m thankswinning.

Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers

1. these crispy prosciutto cups with pear look gorgeous and only require three ingredients;

2. paleo spiced nuts. heck yea;

3. the roasted beets with olive oil + sea salt from Sweet Paul are so beautiful, I might not be able to eat them. what? it could happen;

4. I’d serve pita chips for the non-paleo folk and kale chips for primal peeps with this cranberry avocado salsa;

5. I love the colors of these oven roasted cherry tomatoes and I bet they pack a sweet bite without filling you up;

6. you had me at olives, but turn them into orange + herb roasted olives? I’m yours fo sho.


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