Must Have Winter Accessories: Steal and Splurge

Having grown up in Chicago, and spent a good chunk of time on the west coast as well, I kind of feel like we get a bum deal for winter in Washington, DC. We get the cold, the wind, the dry air, but not good snow. And if we do get ANY snow at all, like even a dusting, god help you. No one can handle it. The grocery stores get raided, the government (and thus most everything else) closes down, and the city’s one snow plow inevitably gets jammed up. So, I feel like the least I should get out of the season is a good set of accessories. Right?

And given that the utility of some of these items is more questionable than others (how warm can a fedora keep your head?), I thought it would be wise to collect both a steal and a splurge in each category. Here’s to a good-looking winter — wherever you are!

 1. Aztec Print Scarf — I still love this print and because these two are pretty neutral in color, they should work with most winter coats. The steal from ASOS is a good way to use a print without making an investment, but the splurge from Shopbop is fleece lined and should keep you warm for years to come.

A Feteful Life: Aztec Scarves

2. Winter Fedora — As I mentioned above, it’s probably slightly ridiculous for me to buy a winter fedora. But, I promise, ridiculousness very rarely stops me from doing something. I think if you’re going to do this piece, you do it right with the splurge from Shopbop, but the Topshop steal is still a nice pop of color.

A Feteful Life: Winter Fedoras

3. Smart Touch Gloves — How I don’t yet have a pair of these smart babies is beyond me. I should probably go with a basic grey pair, but I feel like labeling these Marc by Marc Jacobs set as a splurge is misleading. If they double as a manicure, aren’t I actually saving money by wearing them? See, my smart gloves are already dropping logic all over the place.

A Feteful Life: Smart Gloves

4. Knit Headband — I happen to love a knit headband. It keeps your ears warm while not completely destroying your ‘do for the day. Plus, I have the hardest time finding a winter knit hat that fits my head. I’m sort of somewhere in between a beanie and a stocking cap. This Missoni splurge is metallic, on sale, and, well, Missoni. Enough said. I also love oversize bow headbands (I have one in purple) and think this platinum grey one would get the job done at a fraction of the price.

A Feteful Life: Headwraps

5. All-Weather Boot — Yes, technically these are rain boots, but I wear mine all winter long and find them perfect to clean the car off or shuttle my kids into school. I have the glossy pair of grey {shocking, I know} Hunter’s below, but if you don’t want to spend the coin, these Spy Love wellies are pretty great looking, too.

A Feteful Life: All Weather Boots

6. Boot Socks/Cuffs — Make those all-weather boots even better by adding a pair of warm and comfy boot socks, like these fabulous Hunter ones. If you just want the look, but don’t really need the added warmth, try a pair of slightly less expensive (and just as cute) cuffs.

A Feteful Life: Boot Socks

7. Embellished Leather Gloves — Add a little badass to your everyday handwear. Splurge on Kate Spade for a slightly more polite embellishment, or grab this great moto-pair from H&M, which are still 100% leather.


8. Headphone Ear Muffs — Perhaps even more unnecessary than a winter fedora, I’m looping in headphone ear muffs to my must have list. Personally, I think they’re the perfect random gift, because what gal would really buy them for herself? Kate Spade keeps it chic and cheeky, while these just keep it real.

A Feteful Life: Earmuff Headphones


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