DIY Metallic Ornaments

A Feteful Life: DIY Metallic Ornaments

My family is still relatively early on in building our holiday ornament collection, so I’m always looking for easy ways to add new ones. Plus, some years I decide to pick just a single theme and decorate with that — one year it was neon, another it was ombre shades of pink, and this year I’m feeling metallic {big surprise}. So I put together three super easy ways to make metallic ornaments yourself — even your kids could do it.

DIY Confetti Ornaments

1. Raw Confetti Ornaments — I made these two different ways: (a) by simply opening up the top of the ornament and pouring confetti inside; and (b) by spraying the outside of the ornament with a little mod podge sealant and sprinkling the confetti on. I liked how they both turned out!

To make the first kind, all you’ll need is a clear glass ornament (2, above) and raw, metallic confetti (3, above). To make the second, simply add the mod podge sealant to your stash.


2. Gold Ombre Ornaments — Perhaps the easiest of all the ornaments, all you need is gold spray paint (1, above) and (2, a clear glass ornament). Simply (a) remove the top of your ornament and spray paint it gold; (b) turn the ornament over and, holding the can about 3 – 6″ away, spray the bottom of the ornament, letting the spray creep up the sides a bit. Replace the top and you’re good to go.

DIY Gold Geometric Ornaments

3. Geometric Gold Ornaments — It’s hard to keep a steady hand, so these turned out a bit “organic.” In addition to the gold spray paint and clear glass ornament, you’ll need a gold metallic paint pen (3, above). To make, (a) remove the top of your ornament and spray paint it gold; (b) use the gold paint pen to draw a geometric design on the ornament. Put the top back on and hang


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