A Downton Abbey Premiere Party

I love, love, love Downtown Abbey and the premiere of the fourth season is just weeks away! It’s been a particularly long wait for me because I watched all three of the previous seasons seriatim on my iPad in a time period too brief to disclose. And while most of the regular viewers are {SPOILER ALERT} wondering what in the heck everyone is going to do in the wake {pun intended} of the deaths of such important characters, I’m most interested to see just how the whole white-tie vs. black-tie for dinnertime attire debate is going to play out. I really thought about having a premiere party, but then realized I’d be too irritated by people trying to chat while I actually tried to watch the show. BUT, if I did have a party, I’d have a mod black & white shindig (because while I love to get dressed up for a good party, I’m not the most traditional — I like to think I’m a healthy mix of Lady Mary, Lady Sybil, and Dowager Countess of Grantham), with an emphasis on the most important question of the season: White-tie or Black-tie? Just what do you have to wear to be allowed to join the gents for drinks while the ladies go through? 

A Feteful Life: Downtown Abbey Premiere

1. Downton Abbey Premiere Party Invitation by A Feteful Life — double-sided to frame the critical white-tie vs. black-tie throw down — and available for customized purchase in AFL’s Etsy shop.

2. IKEA’s mod black and white dinnerware. I’d pick a few of the patterns and make sure you set your table for the formal dinner Downtown Abbey demands by checking with the show’s historical advisor.

3. Crate & Barrel’s stemless wine glasses. You’ll need a water goblet and red and white wine glasses. I love this modern set and with so much stuff on the table, it would certainly help cut down on the incidence of tableware accidents. And, at a great price, they’ll help you keep your household finances in better order than The Earl of Grantham could.

4. Mod glass candelabras from CB2. I had a whole table full of CB2’s glass candleholders before my kids arrived and I’d love to revive the look at a premiere party.

5. Molten chocolate souffle. With the many layers of a Downton Abbey dinner, dessert is rarely a big feature. But, I love dessert and this one keeps up the black and white theme, while giving a nod to Daisy’s wedding cake efforts in Season 2 {“you are making a cake, not a souffle,” Mrs. Patmore}. Make sure to check out Downtown Abbey Cooks for a full roster of appropriate cuisine.


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