Typographic Messages for the New Year

I’m not really an inspirational quote kind of gal. Nor am I a big proponent of New Year’s resolutions. But, with the new year right around the corner, I’ve been thinking a bit about what’s on tap for me and my family — making more time to spend alone together, the continual struggle of work-life balance, this new business my friend and I are looking to grow, {slightly anxiously thinking about} new schools on the horizon next fall — you know, all that small stuff. And I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps my natural tendency towards all things sarcastic and cynical can occasionally keep me a bit in the negative {you can go ahead and wipe that feigned look of shock of your face}. So, in an effort to see the silver lining in things while maintaining a healthy and humorous dose of sarcasm, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite typographic messages to keep in mind in 2014. I already own a few and, positive thoughts, I’ll actually get them framed and hung in the new year. Catch ya on the flip side!

A Feteful Life: Typographic 2014

1. I find it funny that people, in both professional and personal settings, remark that I seem like a calm, laid-back person. I’m really not, but apparently I fake it well. IScreenYouScreen is an Etsy favorite of mine and this screenprint screams a loud reminder to calm the F down, it will all be OK.

2. this quote from Robert Frost is a saying that plays in my head continually during long-distance runs. Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek, who clearly runs distances far greater than I ever will, quoted the phrase in his book Eat + Run and it’s always stuck with me. The other on constant loop while I run is Haruki Marukami’s suggestion that “pain is inevitable, suffering is optional,” but I’m not sure that I want that on a poster.

3. it’s not entirely realistic, but this print from coniLab is a good reminder for me that sometimes the biggest obstacle to something is myself.

4.bought this print for my husband, who actually is a “boss” and I think some of the humor has been lost on him. so I think I’ll hang on to this little motivational baby for the new year.

5. I love this Oscar Wilde quote — especially given that I don’t use my education {or the big law firm office wardrobe I have} in the straightforward “practice of law” fashion that I once did, but I still find it invaluable. And I’ll try to remember the over dressed point as I drop my kids off for school still in my workout clothes. again.

6. another screenprint from IScreenYouScreen, I love this Shakespeare quote. to clarify, I do not think I am little {I can count on one finger the number of times someone called me petite}, but this poster reminds me of two things — my daughter Cameron and the fact that small businesses can still kick big ass.


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