Shop Clean, Eat Clean

A Feteful Life: Shop Clean

I am notorious for walking into the grocery store, in particular a well-known organic chain, for something as little as a bunch of bananas and walking out with my wallet $300 lighter. I am a lady who needs a food shopping plan and I started weekly menu planning a while ago. It became even more important once I started consistently eating a clean/Paleo diet — you can spend serious bucks on organic food at the drop of a hat. Menu planning and grocery list making help me keep everything organized and in check. But the grocery list template I bought a while back doesn’t work for me anymore. I jam everything into two categories and the rest of the pre-printed area covering the internal shelves of the store are a total waste. So I’ve been wanting to make a clean eating shopping list template and I thought that the new year would be a great time to share one.

This covers all my favorites and things in season, and whether you’re new to eating clean/Paleo/primal, are about to start your first 30-day challenge, or are a clean eating veteran, this should come in handy. I’m about to embark on my second Whole30 challenge and clean those holiday goodies right on out!

Just click RIGHT HERE to download your own printable grocery list template and meal planning chart. I like to print them double-sided on one piece of paper so I have both in store with me.

A Feteful Life: Paleo Shopping List

A Feteful Life: Menu Planning


2 thoughts on “Shop Clean, Eat Clean

  1. I just downloaded these. I’m tired of ending up at the grocery store every other day because I don’t have the ingredients on hand to make dinner!! Thanks!

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