Chinese New Year Celebration

We may have just finished celebrating our western New Year’s but the Chinese New Year is right around the corner (January 31st). This is one of the largest Chinese celebrations and focuses on remembering ancestors and thinking and acting positively for good luck in the new year. No matter if you’re Chinese or not, these are good lessons to be had and enough reason for me to celebrate! Here are some easy ways to ring in the year of the horse…

A Feteful Life: Chinese New Year

1. Dim Sum – Who doesn’t love these Chinese small bites? Whether you make your own or have some catered by your local Chinese restaurant, be sure to pick up some of these bamboo steamers to create a beautiful display of the food.

2. Create your own good luck wishes and fortunes for your guests with these DIY paper fortune cookies by Seventy Piggies.

3. Red and Gold are traditional colors of the Chinese New Year symbolizing good luck and wealth. This red and gold tissue garland would make a beautiful addition to your celebration.

4. It’s tradition for established married couples to give children and unmarried youth red envelopes of money (In even dollar amounts) during the New Year celebration. These printable DIY envelopes by DIY + FYI are just beautiful!

5. What celebration would be complete without a cocktail? This ginger infused cocktail is just perfection!



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