Olympic Viewing Party

We love the Olympics in our house. As a kid I can remember my parents letting me stay up late to watch the ice skaters in the winter games or the gymnasts during the summer games. The anticipation of how these amazing athletes would preform was always thrilling to me.

Fast forward many years to the Bejing Olympics, which started just two days after the birth of my first son. It was perfect timing! We would record the primetime coverage (yes, we were going to bed at 8pm) and then when Brady would wake up at 11, 1, 3 and 5, we would be excited to watch along with the late night feedings. Getting up four times a night sucks but waking up to see if Michael Phelps would win another gold metal made it somewhat more bearable.

Four years later as the London games were beginning, we threw Brady an Olympics themed 4th birthday party in honor of some of our favorite memories of when he was a newborn. We set up mini hurdles, a sack race, bean bag toss, and a mini soccer game in our back yard. It was a blast.

Now that the Sochi games are fast approaching, I don’t think we’ll be throwing a games-themed party but an adult opening ceremony viewing party might be pretty fun. Here’s some inspiration on how you can throw one…

A Feteful Life: Olympic Viewing Party1. Olympic Party Invitation from A Feteful Life.

2. These Photo Booth props from MaroDesigns are so fun.

3. No matter what cocktail you choose to serve, rim the glasses with these edible gold stars so your guests can “go for the gold.”

4. Create your own Olympic themed straws, plates and napkins (photo from Pearl & Earl Loves).

5. A little popcorn in an ice-cream cone and you have an edible torch (photo from A Small Snippet).

6. These Olympic ring inspired cookies by Bird’s Party are surprisingly easy and look delicious!




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