Bedding Roundup

I’m on the hunt for new bedding for our master bedroom. We’ve had a queen size bed since we’ve been married but we are about to upgrade to a king size bed and I’m so excited about it. There are many Saturday and Sunday mornings when both of the kids and both of our cats all pile into our bed, which is so much fun but so very crowded. As soon as I find the right bedding, the new bed will be mine!

A Feteful Life: Bedding Roundup

  1. West Elm Linen Cotton Duvet – Storm Bay
  2. Thomas Paul Octopus Duvet
  3. CB2 Mod Moroccan
  4. Three Sheets 2 the Wine Radial Bloom
  5. Jonathan Adler Grey Hollywood Duvet
  6. DwellStudio Draper Stripe Ash Duvet

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