Valentine’s Inspired Jewelry

A Feteful Life: Valentine's Inspired Jewelry

My kids crack me up. Every time Kay Jewelers’ commercial for their Open Heart pendant comes on, my kiddos insist they’re going to get their daddy to get it for me for Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl who loves jewelry. But I like my Valentine to be slightly more subtle. To that end, I’ve pulled together a roundup of Valentine’s inspired jewelry — all the same sentiment, just slightly less in your face.

1. shoot an arrow through her heart with this sweet bangle from Stella and Dot. It’s super affordable, too.

2. wish for more time together or set the watch to remind you of an important time with this watch works pendant from Anthropologie.

3. she’s as good as gold and now she’ll know it with this Kate Spade watch.

4. my husband and I met in the month of August and this year we’ll celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. I’d love to think of both with this JCrew numbered gold code ring.

5. plum druzy earrings — I love the rawness and color of these.


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