Classroom Valentines

My love for Valentine’s Day started as a kid. I was always so excited to decorate my Valentine’s Day mailboxes and walk around the classroom giving my friends the awesome valentines that I decorated. I continued to enjoy the holiday as I got older as it took on a more romantic feel, but I still love the pure & innocent take on the holiday where we just tell our friends that we appreciate them.

While Pinterest and other websites (including our’s next week, so stay tuned) are chalk full of creative valentines ideas, I know not everyone is a crafty DIY’er. So, what do you do? Buy a box of the flimsy drugstore variety? Not if you’re an AFL’er. Here’s a round up of some of our favorite alternates. Just point & click and you’re done.

A Feteful Life: Valentines Printables

1. Woodland Critters by PeraPress; 2. Fill in the Blank Valentine by Minted; 3. Sparkling Splendor by TinyPrints4. Paper Airplane Printable by scribblesandswatches; 5. Sci-Fi Fun by TinyPrints; 6. Monstrously Cute by PeraPress


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