Modern Furniture: Geometric Chairs

Like Suzanne, I’ve long had a love for modern home design and Knoll furniture in particular {AFL was meant to be!}. Before we had kids, we purchased a classic Bertoia diamond chair for our living room (seat upholstered in smoke). At the time, my husband balked at the purchase a bit because he thought the chair wasn’t particularly comfortable, which I insisted wasn’t really the point. Fast forward to toddlerville, it served as an excellent “time out” chair for many years (don’t worry, it’s not that uncomfortable — just enough). And now it’s still one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our home. So of course I spend lots of time looking at other geometrically interesting pieces to put elsewhere. Here are some of my favorites. The comfort level of each is obvious, but, you know, are the shoes you wear for a night out comfy? Riiiiiight. Still not the point.

A Feteful Life: Geometric Chair Roundup

1. I love this DIY version from Mexican hotel Drift.

2. I’ve always wanted to hide away in a classic Eero Aarnio Ball Chair and am thinking this is going to be a must for teenage years down the road.

3. We no longer have a real need for one, but I’ve long coveted an Eames rocker.

4. This rainbow hanging chair is 100% my daughter. We need it.

5. I love Konstantin Grcic’s stacking chairs, which are a fabulous, albeit a significantly pricey, alternative to folding ones for guests.


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