Valentine’s Day Moodtails

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve often found that this holiday can be a divisive one — love it or leave it. But either way, we’re always up for “celebrating” it with a good cocktail. So we’ve rounded up a set of festive drinks you can imbibe no matter what your mood is today. Moodtails, if you will. Us? Well, you’ll just have to guess which one we’ll be sipping this evening.

A Feteful Life: Valentine's Cocktails

1. The Lone Wolf — On your own this V-day? Ain’t no shame in that game, my friend. Fire up a Lone Wolf and enjoy.

2. Bubbly + Sweet — You love to love and this sparkly, sugary festive glass of champagne is perfect.

3. Angry Balls — Scorned? Stood up? Just plain pissed? You would fall into the “leave it” category of holiday revelers, and this one’s for you.

4. Hot in Rio — If you’re looking for a spicy Valentine’s Day, then this take on the Caipirinha will do you a solid.

5. Bloody Valentine — Whether you are in it or not, there’s no denying the fact that love is messy. But your cocktail doesn’t have to be. Keep it neat with a speared blood orange slice.


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