Party Idea: Cards Against Humanity Game Night

The adult siblings in our family stopped giving each other holiday presents several years ago, but when I heard about the game Cards Against Humanity, I knew I had to buy it to play at the Green household over the holidays. For years, we’ve used Scattergories as a sort of family hazing event. New boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances, etc. to the family have to play and endure the intelligent taunting of Green siblings that escalates (in both loudness and intensity) in direct proportion to the number of drinks consumed. I must say, I killed it my first go around ages and ages ago. I don’t think newbies would be up to a Cards Against Humanity game night, but it is the absolute perfect fit for Green family game night veterans.

Self-described as the “party game for horrible people,” Cards Against Humanity requires one player to ask a question from a black card, and everyone else to answer with their funniest white card. The player with the black card picks the best answer and the player that wins, gets a point. I quickly learned that the key to winning a round wasn’t to try and play my most intelligent or sensical fit — it was to play the most outlandish, mind-in-the-gutter card I had. We all loved it and just about died laughing.

I can’t wait to get another group of horrible people together for a CAH game night. Here’s what I’d pull together.

A Feteful Life: Cards Against Humanity Party1. A Feteful Life “Cards Against Humanity” Game Night Invitation.

2. To balance out the classlessness of the cards, I’d serve some pretty black and white drinks with paper straws. OK, I’d have beer, too.

3. Same goes for food — fancy sliders are aesthetically pleasing, but technically still junk food.

4. I’d make sure to help players keep the game cards clean with these organic wipes. Unfortunately, they won’t do the same for your mind.

5. I love me some macarons and these black sesame macaron pops would help keep players’ hands free for card smack down.

6. Too busy playing to eat? Take some snacks to go in a bold black and white striped bag.


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