Going for Gold… Oscar Style

If you didn’t get your gold fix over the last few weeks with the Olympics, fear not, The Oscars are coming. This star-studded evening is one of my favorite nights of the year. I love seeing the fabulous dresses and jewelry… oh and celebrating the cinematic arts.

Watching the awards with friends is much better than watching it solo, so here are some party ideas for you to host your own golden evening.

A Feteful Life: Going For Gold Academy Awards

Paperless Post Invitation – No need to send out formal invitations for a tv watching event but that doesn’t mean they can’t be classy.

West Elm Table Runner – The combination of black and gold just screams Oscars to me and this table run will be a beautiful base to set food and drinks.

Gold Glitter Garland – Garland is a necessity for almost any event – they instantly make the space more festive.

Glitter Stemless Champagne Flutes – I love these glasses so much but if you don’t want to buy new stemware for the night you could always add some gold to your glasses with washi tape or  gold dot stickers.

Popcorn and movies – you can’t get a more classic combination. While the good old-fashioned butter kind is always a crowd pleaser but I highly recommend you give our bourbon caramel popcorn a try. Serve up the popcorn in these cute gold cups.

Think you know how the evening will play out? Print out these fun ballots by Studio DIY so you can your guests can guess the results.




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