DIY Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

A Feteful Life: DIY Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

Earlier this week I showed you the lovely dip-dyed birthday dinner I threw for my sister. Well, today we’re getting our DIY on and showing you how to make the drink stirrers from the party. They are so easy and festive, and can be the perfect addition to any celebration.

A Feteful Life: DIY Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

  1. Supplies needed – white tissue paper, gel food coloring, wooden skewers, glue stick and scissors.
  2. Cut a strip of tissue paper about 1.5″ x 6″.
  3. Make the dye using 2-3 drops of gel food coloring and about a cup or two of water.
  4. Loosely roll the tissue paper.
  5. Dip 1/4 to 1/3 of the roll into the dye and leave it there for 1-2 seconds. Let the excess dye drip into the bowl and then dry on a drying rack. Feel free to repeat the dipping steps several times (allowing the dye to dry in-between) to achieve the color you desire.
  6. All the dye to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

A Feteful Life: DIY Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

  1. Fold the strip of dipped tissue paper in half.
  2. Cut fringes into the tissue about 1/3 – 1/2 down. Then add a little glue on one end and place the skewer on the glued area.
  3. Roll the tissue paper around the skewer, adding glue as you go and being sure to keep the roll tight.

A Feteful Life: Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

Finally, tassel the fringed area a bit and get ready to party!




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