Cocktail Hour: Blood Orange & Gin Spritzer

A Feteful Life: Blood Orange & Gin Spritzer

I think I have a club soda problem. I’m addicted. Especially when it comes to cocktails. This light and refreshing cocktail uses a combination of blood orange soda and plain club soda, mixed with gin & bitter campari. It’s slightly sweet, slightly bitter and oh so delicious.

Blood Orange & Ginger Spritzer (by A Feteful Life)


1 ounce gin
1 ounce campari
blood orange soda, like San Pellegrino (I got mine from Trader Joes)
club soda
clementine, thinly sliced


In a tall collins glass, mix the gin and campari. Add ice to the top and top off with blood orange soda and club soda to taste (the more blood orange soda, the sweeter it will be). Garnish with a thinly sliced clementine.



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