I Want It Now: New Everyday Dishes

A Feteful Life: IKEA 365+ dishes

I bought our everyday dishes ten years ago right after I graduated law school. I was obsessed with CB2 at the time. There was only one actual store and it was in Chicago, but I visited almost every time I went home to see my parents. So I was super excited and feeling all adult to order my first set of geometric dishes from there. They arrived at my little Philadelphia loft all individually wrapped and they’ve traveled all over with me since then. Sadly, there are only a handful left and we are in serious need of a new everyday set. I’ve been wanting a set of plain, reasonably-priced white dishes, which has proven annoyingly unexpectedly difficult to find. BUT, I think I’ve finally found what I wanted! At IKEA, of course. The 365+ set is a great shape, great price, and is microwaveable and dishwasher safe. Now what do I do with my few remaining CB2 set with which I can’t bear to part?


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