Date Night In – Take me “out” to the ball game

Today’s a a bit of a sad day in our house (for my husband at least) – last night the Pittsburgh Penguins lost in game seven in their Stanley Cup Playoffs run. I’m not the biggest sports fan but I still hate to see my home team loose. It’s not that I dislike sports, but I generally prefer to be at the game watching them in person, rather than on TV.

Now that hockey is officially over in our house, I know Jim’s attention will now focus on the Pittsburgh team that is currently playing – the Pirates. In an effort to make the season more enjoyable for both of us, I’ve come up with the idea of trying to recreate a night out at the ballgame at home. So take me “out” to the ball game and let’s watch some baseball!

A Feteful Life: Take me "out" to the ballgame


1. Pirates Pennant – I’m not planning to turn my family room into a sports den anytime soon but a vintage pennant to hang or to wave around is a classic.

2. East End Brewery – I love me some craft beer and this beer is no exception. If Pittsburgh isn’t your team, be sure to pick up something more local.

3. Gourmet Nachos – Don’t just pop open a can of nacho cheese to dip your chips into – make these amazing nachos instead.

4. Homemade Cracker Jack – There’s nothing more classically baseball than a box of Cracker Jack. If you can’t find a box, here’s a simple recipe to make your own.

5. Pirate’s T-shirt – Almost every sports t-shirt I own is from Old Navy. I love their vintage feel and you can’t beat the price!

6. Apple TV – If you don’t live in the local viewing area for home team, what are you to do? Luckily with an Apple TV and MLB.TV you can get all of your hometown team games no matter where you are.


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