Fete Local: Cork Market

Fete Local: Cork Market

When we first moved back to DC from the Bay Area we had an awesome loft apartment in Logan Circle. I loved that apartment and neighborhood so much. A lot of growth and development has happened there since we left and it all seems to have started with the opening of Cork Wine Bar.

The wine bar was opened by Diane Gross & Khalid Pitts who happened to be our next door neighbors in that cool Logan Circle building. When we moved in, they were in the design and development phase of getting Cork open. It was so exciting to hear them talk about their new venture and how they were taking the risk of leaving their jobs as lawyers to follow their passion for good wine and food. It’s something that Rebecca and I find particularly appealing since that’s exactly what we’re starting to do now!

And the risk sure has paid off for them – within two years of opening the wine bar they opened Cork Market, which has an amazing selection of wine, cheese, gourmet ingredients, charcuterie, etc… Pretty much your one stop shop to throw a killer cocktail party or wine night. Here are our top 10 picks to do just that…

Fete Local: Cork Market

1. Baguettes – They had a great selection of artisan bread but these baguettes are the perfect food for a party. Slice at an angle, toast with some olive oil and coarse sea salt and you have the perfect base for any topping.

Fete Local: Cork Market

2. Oil-Cured Tomatoes – And speaking of toppings, you can’t get much better than these house made oil-cured tomatoes. Leave them out to come to room temperature and then spread them on that crostini you just made. Your guests will be in awe.

Fete Local: Cork Market

3. Cheese – Cork Market has an amazing selection of artisan cheeses and their staff can help you pick the perfect cheese for your taste. This Lenora goat cheese is right up my and Rebecca’s alley.

Fete Local: Cork Market

4. Charcuterie – They have a very interesting selection of pre-packaged charcuterie (i.e., Wild Boar Salumi) but how often can you get the good stuff sliced fresh for you? That’s definitely our pick!

Fete Local: Cork Market

Cork 12

5 & 6. Staff Picks of Red & White Wine – Their selection of wine is extensive. You can definitely ask a staff member for help but I love how they have “staff picks,” all at a reasonable price. Pick up a few bottles of the red & white!

Fete Local: Cork Market

7. Lemonade Syrup – Definitely pick up some of this house-made lemonade syrup and mix it with some club soda to give your guests a refreshing non-alchoholic alternative. You could also spike it with some bourbon and make an awesome boozy Lemonade.

Fete Local: Cork Market

8. Dolcezza Gelato – We’re a bit obsessed with gelato over here at AFL and Dolcezza is our gelato of choice. It’s SO good and it’s local! Buy a lot, it won’t last long.

Fete Local: Cork Market

9 & 10. Vin Santo and Biscotti – When Jim and I were traveling through Italy before we moved back to DC, we spent some time in Tuscany and fell in love with this classic Tuscan combo. Serve the Vin Santo chilled and dip the biscotti in this sweet dessert wine as you sip it. Molto Bene!

Fete Local: Cork Market




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