99 Bottles of Beer…

Oktoberfest is in full swing and in honor of this beer-loving time of year I’m rounding up some of my favorite ideas of how to throw an awesome beer tasting party. Who wouldn’t love to celebrate with good food and good beer? It’s a sure winner so get planning and start drinking!

A Feteful Life: Beer tasting party 1. I am OBSESSED with this invitation set from Mint Love Social Club. The fonts, the paper, the design. I love it all!

2. Soft pretzels are one of my all time favorite foods – plus they pair perfectly with beer.

3. Beer is clearly a necessity. I suggest picking a local brewery (like these from DC area Flying Dog Brewery) and sampling their different varieties OR sampling a variety of your local breweries.

4. A chalkboard runner (like this DIY one we did last year) would be a perfect way to set up the tasting.

5. Keep notes on the beers you taste with these awesome coasters.

6. Since the aim is to taste several beers, keep the glasses small. These half pint glasses from Crate & Barrel are perfect.

7. German apple cake is delicious for any occasion but especially after a few beers.




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