I Want it Now: Vintage Card Catalog Cabinet

A Feteful Life: Vintage Card Catalog CabinetMy son is obsessed with Playmobil right now. Well, actually for the past few years. I am equally in love with the toys, but am sort of losing my mind over finding their tiny accessories in every nook and cranny of our house. He’s got a fairly good “bin” system of toy organization in his room, but these little pieces need something smaller. On our trip to one of my favorite vintage toy shops this past summer, I realized that an old school card catalog cabinet would be the perfect thing! I saw a few on our visit to Off the Beaten Track Warehouse and can’t get the idea out of me head. This one from Etsy is PERFECT. So of course it’s already been sold. But I’m now firmly convinced we need one and I’m on the hunt!


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