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Fete (n.): An elaborate party. 

Welcome to A Feteful Life! If life is anything, it is an elaborate party. But we believe that it can be celebrated in the simplest of ways. This blog is our place to collect and share ideas to do just that: fete everyday life. Always simple, never plain.

Here you’ll find celebration ideas, yummy things to eat, DIY projects to create, things we love, and {yes!} free printables.

Rebecca and Suzanne started A Feteful Life in 2013 after years of circling creatively around each other. While they each have their own slightly different aesthetic, they share a love of feteing, modern design, and the color gray. And food. And cocktail parties.

Suzanne, an interior designer by trade, decided to ditch the 9-to-5 (do those hours actually exist?!) to focus on spending more time with her two adorable boys and exploring other creative outlets. During this time she has fallen in love with graphic design and throwing fabulous parties for her friends and family. When she’s not dreaming up her next project, she’s pretty happy to just relax with a glass of wine and watch an indie movie with her husband.

Rebecca is an attorney taking a break from the practice of law to pursue endeavors more creative than structuring a legal argument. Oh, and raise two young kids (no comment on the structure of arguments involved therein). In her spare time, she likes to have cocktails, pretend she’s a back-up dancer, and run long distances. She’s been known to say “I don’t need an excuse to party, but if I have one, watch out,” and is equally happy hosting a kitchen dance party as she is a fancy shindig. Sarcasm and glitter keep her balanced.

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