DIY Cake Bunting Toppers

I’m not saying for sure, but there may be some big birthdays coming up soon in AFL land. And while my love of celebration buntings is obvious at this point, mini-size it and put it on a birthday cake!? Now it’s a party. Here are some of my favorite DIY cake bunting toppers — surely someone wants to make one for us!

A Feteful Life: DIY Cake Bunting Toppers

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DIY Photo Bunting

A Feteful Life: Photo Bunting

I’m feeling nostalgic for little babies lately. My youngest son just turned 2.5 and I just can’t figure out how that happened so fast. Last week I was looking through a lot of his baby pictures and I couldn’t help but make this awesome photo bunting in celebration of his first 12 months.

This was so easy to put together and would be a great addition for a first birthday party or any party, for that matter!

A Feteful Life: SuppliesFirst, pick your favorite 12 photos from the year. I picked one from each month of Owen’s first year. I then converted the photos to black and white and printed them in 5×7. The size of the prints is entirely up to you but obviously it will affect the size of your bunting (4×6 would give you smaller circles while an 8×10 would give you larger circles).

After your images are printed use an adjustable circle cutter to cut out the circles. As I have mentioned before, I love this one from Fiskars. I made my circle 4.75″ just to give me a little wiggle room for positioning the cutter on the photo.

A Feteful Life: Photo Bunting

Once the circles are cut out, cut two small slits towards the top of the circle so you can thread the yarn through the picture. If you only do one slit, the photo won’t lay flat. I used red and white bakers twine and threaded it through the slits with a large needle (similar to how this bunting was made). Voila!

I could stare at this little guy’s face all day!

A Feteful Life: Photo Bunting

A Feteful Life: Photo Bunting