Fall Patio Refresher

We spent a lot of time outside using our new patio this summer. We enjoyed playing in the sprinkler, hosting BBQs, or just dining al fresco. But as the weather has shifted a bit cooler and the season has changed, it doesn’t seem like we’re out there as much as we were this summer. I miss it and I think it’s time I dedicate some efforts into making it a bit more fall ready.

It doesn’t take a lot to make things feel a bit cozier and inviting. Some throws, pillows and a fire pit would really warm things up (roasting marshmallows are an added bonus). Then switching out some of my perennials with some fall grasses and decorating with the some of the beautifully colorful pumpkins we found at the pumpkin patch wouldm’t be a bad addition either. Here’s to a happy and cozy fall… outside. A Feteful Life: Fall Patio



Summer Art Prints

I’ve been on a mission to change up our house a bit. We’ve lived here for about 7 years and haven’t changed much since we moved in (we did extensive decorating when we did, though). And pretty much all of a sudden, it started to annoy me. Between the kids and the dog, a lot of things have really been worked over (the most pricey things, of course). So I started in on changing little things — a new living room rug, coffee table, and an art print — none of it expensive, because with the kids still running roughshod around the house, I wasn’t making that mistake again. The art print is an IKEA one I’ve had my eye on for a while — a fun graphic motif of a girl swimming (see below) — which just totally reminds me of summer when I was young. And as I’ve started looking for more, I find myself drawn over and over to prints that remind me of my youthful summers in the midwest. Change + nostalgia works, I guess. I rounded up my other favorites below. What reminds you of your summers of youth?!

A Feteful Life: Summer Art Prints

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