Party Time: Fall Harvest

Fall, fall, fall… after what felt like a bit of a slow start, we’re finally full swing into the most wonderful season of the year. We’ve been apple picking, we’ve visited the pumpkin patch, we’ve picked out Halloween costumes, and now it’s time to get outside with our friends to celebrate the bounty that fall has to offer. There’s no need to buy expensive party decorations because mother nature has provided more than enough for you to get the party started. So get out there and enjoy the great outdoors because you know that polar vortex will be here before you know it!

A Feteful Life: Fall Harvest

  1. A grouping of pumpkins always look festive. Simply write a welcome message on one of the larger ones and you will instantly make your guests feel welcome.
  2. This simple yet stunning garland is made out of real leaves! I love it!
  3. Apples and floating candles make a beautiful centerpiece and harken back to the old bobbing for apples game.
  4. Some bundles of hay with some simple fall colored garland makes a fantastic photo backdrop wall.
  5. A punch is one of the easiest ways to serve a big crowd. And, this beautiful apple harvest punch looks amazing!
  6. Looking to unload some of those apples you picked at the orchard? Set up a DIY caramel apple bar and let your guests pick their own toppings.
  7. Doesn’t this stuffed pumpkin look amazing?! Not only does it look impressive, it is filled with everything that is delicious.
  8. Send you guests home with something delicious, like these delicious pumpkin pie parfaits.



Tropical Party Ideas

If yesterday’s cocktail hour post was any indication, I clearly refuse to believe that our tropical vacation is over. Therefore, I’m desperately trying to convince anyone who will listen that we should throw some kind of tropical party. No particular celebratory event or tropical destination necessary. Just, “yay, tropical!” Here are my top five tropical party favorites:

A Feteful Life: Tropical Party Ideas

1 / Paper & Stitch’s DIY honeycomb garland and drink stirrers — love, love the bright colors of these honeycomb.

2 / Tropical cocktails are a must, but no one wants to get stuck behind the bar (even if it is a tiki bar). I would definitely give this Paradise Punch from TheKitchn a go.

3 / There’s a jerk at every party, but I’d keep these festivities friendly with Jerk Shrimp Tacos + Pina Colada Crema.

4 / My kids would lose it over these DIY Fruit Balloons from Oh Happy Day. Fabulous!

5 / In case you missed ’em in our cocktail hour yesterday, I’m obsessed with these rainbow-colored whole fruit ice pops from 84th & 3rd, all of which have boozy options. Make some without for the kids and make everyone happy.

DIY Cake Bunting Toppers

I’m not saying for sure, but there may be some big birthdays coming up soon in AFL land. And while my love of celebration buntings is obvious at this point, mini-size it and put it on a birthday cake!? Now it’s a party. Here are some of my favorite DIY cake bunting toppers — surely someone wants to make one for us!

A Feteful Life: DIY Cake Bunting Toppers

1 /  2 /  3 /  4 /  5 /

DIY Block Letter Garland

I’m going to guess that you already know that I LOVE a good garland. They’re such an easy way to decorate for almost any occasion. And I’ve really been loving all of the block letter garlands out there recently. But what if you want one that says something other than Happy Birthday? Sure, you can custom order one, but that can get spendy (although we’d be happy to make one for you!). So I thought I’d put together a free printable template (link at end of post) for you to easily make your own! The possibilities for these lovely letters are really endless. You can print them full size onto colored paper, use white paper and paint them in yourself, reduce the size and make a mini garland, make your own template to trace onto fancy paper … I’ve shown just a few ideas below. Don’t worry about cutting out the letters perfectly or spacing them exactly evenly — I think making it look handmade just adds character! Happy garlanding!

A Feteful Life: Block Letter Garland Template

 1. Simple message, bold prints. I printed out the initials of my husband and me and added a simple plus sign in between. I find that if you’re not using many letters, it’s easiest to simply tape the letters on to twine and they’ll stay lined up enough. This would also look cute framed.

A Feteful Life: Block Letter Garland Template

2. Colorful letters, silly words. It’s spring and I’M HAPPY! For a longer garland, I suggest actually stringing the letters onto twine (see our pennant bunting directions 2 – 4).

A Feteful Life: Block Letter Garland Template

3. Short saying, sparkly letters. Sometimes you just need to pat yourself on the back. Glitter always helps. I printed the letters out at 25% size onto card stock, cut them out, and then traced them onto the back of glittered card stock. Once I cut those out, as with 1., I just taped these letters on to the twine and then tied the twine onto two bamboo skewers to make a mini cake garland.

CLICK HERE to download the free block letter garland!