I Want It Now: Gold Skull Studs

A Feteful Life: Gold Skull Studs


I have about a million pairs of office workplace-appropriate stud earrings from back in the day, but my post-office everyday collection is suffering and I need to fix it up. I like teensy pairs that are flat to my ears, which I can sleep in when I inevitably forget to take them out, and don’t get yanked out when my daughter plays hairdresser nightly. I’ve got my eyes on this little gold skull pair, which reminds me of dia de los muertos sugar skulls with their heart eyes. I want ’em now!


I Want It Now: Gold Bobbi Pins

A Feteful Life: Gold Bobbi Pins

About 6 years ago, J.Crew put out a few seasons of gold bobbi pins with colored enamel tips. They were AWESOME. Perfect little touch to twist back bangs, a side braid, etc. My sister and I bought our local store out every time they restocked, but I’ve finally run through them. And I haven’t been able to find any other suitable replacements (not even the metallic ones currently in J.Crew). But these Ban.do ones just might do the trick. They’re a little thicker than the ones I had before, but they are gold sparkle + super cute colors. I’m thinking I’ll try the cantaloupe ones first and I Want It Now!