Ask AFL: Fall Handbags

So we’ve had an unofficial “Ask AFL” request. A friend of mine in need of a new fall bag asked when we were going to put up our favorite fall everyday bags (like we did for summer). And even though it didn’t come through official “Ask AFL” channels, I happened to be in the mood for virtual shopping and love my friend C’s sense of style, so I pulled together my favorites (shocking I’m so willing to flaunt the rules, I know). I’m in love with rich colors and jewel tones, and a few black + white bags as well (particularly the animal-inspired polka dots — I really, really want to figure out a way to work that print into Cam’s big girl room — jungle spot wallpaper perhaps?). Have a favorite?!

A Feteful Life: Fall Handbags

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I Want It Now: Metallic Crossbody Bag

A Feteful Life: Metallic Crossbody Bag



I’m in serious need of a new everyday crossbody bag. I had a metallic Foley + Corinna bag two everyday bags ago (similar to this, but a warmer gold) and have been on the lookout for another since. I love that metallic is neutral, but gives more pop than matte netural colors (I currently carry this Marc by Marc Jacobs, which I love, but I’m over the color and I’ve worn it to shreds). I’ve had such a hard time finding a replacement that’s not $2,000. It has to be big enough to carry the world {aka everything my kids insist on shlepping around}, made well enough to take a beating, and capable of being carried on shoulder or crossbody. I think this Botkier might do the trick — its a little brassier than I wanted, but I’m a Botkier fan and it’s on sale!