Ask AFL: Fall Handbags

So we’ve had an unofficial “Ask AFL” request. A friend of mine in need of a new fall bag asked when we were going to put up our favorite fall everyday bags (like we did for summer). And even though it didn’t come through official “Ask AFL” channels, I happened to be in the mood for virtual shopping and love my friend C’s sense of style, so I pulled together my favorites (shocking I’m so willing to flaunt the rules, I know). I’m in love with rich colors and jewel tones, and a few black + white bags as well (particularly the animal-inspired polka dots — I really, really want to figure out a way to work that print into Cam’s big girl room — jungle spot wallpaper perhaps?). Have a favorite?!

A Feteful Life: Fall Handbags

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Ask AFL: New Summer Bag

What’s a girl to do when faced with a sea of choices and no time to sift through all of her options? Well, if you’re our friend Beth, you ask AFL to do the searching and narrowing for you. And because Rebecca and I love to shop, we were more than happy to help a girl out.

We’re here to help the rest of you out as well, so please feel free to send us more “Ask AFL” questions and we’ll do our best to find the perfect pick for you! But before we get to all of your pressing needs, let’s help Beth find her perfect summer bag…

“Dear AFL,
I need a summer bag and I want it now! The problem? I have no idea which one to get. I’d like something casual enough to bring to a bbq or the store but nice enough to bring to a brunch with friends. I’d also like it to be able to hold the regular stuff plus my kindle or a diaper and wipes when needed. Any chance you could do a round-up of summer bags to help a girl out?”

Great question from our most loyal reader and best unpaid intern ever! And I actually have a ton of suggestions because, as I’ve lamented here, I’ve been on the hunt for a new everyday bag almost all year. I finally found one just in time for summer, which sparked my new obsession with cream bags for the season. I tried to give a range of prices and included my new one and two others as suggestions below — which one do you think is mine? Come on, we can be twinsies!
A Feteful Life: Ask AFL Summer Bags

Excellent question, Beth! And, one that I always find myself asking at least once a year. While Rebecca is obsessed with all of those gorgeous cream bags, I’m obsessing over cognac colored leather bags. I love them because they go with EVERYTHING – black, brown, tan, grey, etc. They also can easily go from casual to a bit more refined depending on what you wear. I picked my current favorite tote, bucket bag (which I love, love, love) and a satchel style bag. Now I want all of them. Thanks a lot, Beth!