I Want It Now: Large Walnut Cutting Board

A Feteful Life: I Want it Now - Large Walnut Cutting BoardI’m in the market for a new wood cutting board. I currently have a pretty cheap Ikea one which has served its purpose for the last few years but I need an upgrade. I use my cutting board for almost everything (with the obvious exception of raw meat) to help protect and maintain my marble countertops. And, I think this beautiful walnut one by Boos will be perfect! I want it now!


Marble Kitchen Accessories

Suzanne has the most gorgeous Carrara marble kitchen countertops. Everything looks good on them! New counters are not in my kitchen’s future, but I’ve started collecting a few marble kitchen accessories here and there and now I’m kind of obsessed. Here’s what I’ve got my eye on in an attempt not to lose my, oh you know ….

A Feteful Life: Marble Kitchen Accessories

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