A Modern Hanukkah

This year, the first day of Hanukkah falls right on Thanksgiving. And while there are definitely some cross-over themes from each holiday (show some love, suspend disbelief (yep, those pilgrims and American Indians got along just swell), etc.), to me, the decor for each is far different. And given that we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah in our family and it sometimes feels like they run together, I’m always on the lookout for simple holiday decor that is still tied to a particular holiday and not just “generic celebration” appropriate (although, I love that, too). To that end, I’ve collected a few easy and modern ideas to include in your Hanukkah celebration.

Modern Hanukkah1. I’m loving Carrara marble lately and this menorah designed by Brad Ascalon for Design Within Reach is an amazing marriage of modern with classic undertones. This one just won’t go out of style.

2. Gelt is a big deal in our house and having somewhere to keep it is equally important. I recently made some little cotton muslin goody bags for my son’s birthday party and the thought occurred to me that they were a great size for chocolate coins. These sweet ones from Blissfulturtle’s Etsy shop are equally perfect and will have utility long after the last bit of gelt is gone.

3. Yea, yea, there’s a miracle involved in Hanukkah, but who are we kidding? It’s all about the food. This amazing Hanukkah cocktail party menu created by Todd Aarons for Epicurious looks delicious and has all the traditional Hanukkah flavors wrapped up in modern packages.

4. Blocked font garlands are all the rage and this simple one from Land of Nod is an easy way to splash some holiday color around. You know I’d pair it with some of their fabulous metallic garlands, but it would do just fine on its own as well.

5. Carrying that block font on over to servingware, this stainless steel latke server serves up a little surprise as you deliver piping hot latkes to plates. Fried potatoes? Yes, please.

6. No modern Hanukkah would be complete without a little something from Jonathan Adler. The mod graphic detail on this dreidel is really tops. You gotta earn some coin to put in that cute gelt bag, right?!