Dia de los Muertos Party Inspiration

I mentioned way, way back in our first Fete Favorites my love of Dia de los Muertos. I still haven’t convinced anyone to have an actual party celebrating the holiday, which I really cannot understand. It’s much more upbeat, colorful, and well styled than Halloween. So, I’m obviously going to have to throw myself my own party on November 1st. Here’s what’s topping my list of inspiration.

A Feteful Life: Dia de los Muertos

1. These gorgeous wedding invitations are obviously slightly more upscale than I need for my own party, but I love the idea of combining the bold colors with geometric prints.

2. I love the idea of a large communal table for dinner and that table runner is ahhmaazing.

3. Sugar skulls + edible confetti = party happiness.

4. Mini tissue paper flowers for striped straws!? That’s a new one (to me) and a must make.

5. Pan de Muerto is a traditional Day of the Dead pastry and looks delicious.

6. Obviously our Almond Milk Horchata Cocktail will be in circulation (and probably our Blood Orange Tequila + Lime Spritzers, too).

7. Decorated candles look like a simple enough DIY to help keep things festive.

8. Papel picado!

9. I’ve really been waiting for a good time to try a honeycombed wall and this seems like the perfect opportunity.


Starry Night Party

I’m a little bit of an astronomy buff. I’ve been known to wake my kids up in the middle of the night to try and catch a meteor shower. And a stargazing party was high up on my list this summer, but I didn’t get to it! So I’m thinking of moving the party indoors this fall and putting together a starry night party full of midnight blue, metallics and twinkling lights. Here’s what I’m thinking for decor ….

A Feteful Life: Starry Night Party

1/ DIY french dot constellation table runner — OK, who wants to make this for me?! Amazing.

2/ Gold mercury glass votives — I love the shadows these cute little shimmery votives cast.

3/ Honeycomb decorations — these pretty honeycomb shapes remind me slightly of planets and help mix in a few other tones.

4/ Glitterati slate pillows — I’d love to have a low dining table and strew a bunch of these metallic print pillows on the floor.

5/ Starry string lights — these gorgeous lights come in a variety of bulb colors on flexible copper wire.

6/ Agate earth coasters — some of these totally remind me images I’ve seen taken in space. Plus, agate.

7/ Copper mirror tray — so shiny and perfect for my low table.

8/ Tassel garland — I love metallic tassels and, having made many of them, can appreciate when someone else does the work!

9/ Gold pouf — the reasonable price of these faux leather poufs would let me scatter several around.

Dog Days of Summer Party

Oh yeah. They’re here and they’re hot. I’m talking about the dog days of summer, friend. But I’m sick of talking about how hot it is. I’d rather celebrate these dog days with a fabulous hot dog inspired party. Let’s do it — before you know, we’ll be complaining about how cold it is!

A Feteful Life: Dog Days of Summer Party

1 / I love the hot dog party A Pair of Pears held for their pup’s 1st birthday. And I would totally use their invitation for my own Dog Days of Summer party.

2 / Pop print? Oh yes. I’d be making some envelope liners, garlands and party signage with these great hot dog printed papers from Whimsy and Nonsense.

3 / Remember these puppies? The pop Koons’esque minis would look great scattered about and sent home as favors.

4 / A DIY hot dog garland. Shut the front door. Head over to A Pair of Pears for the free template and DIY instructions. I might make this just for my home.

5 / These striped lanterns would look fabulous.

6 / You want your dog to look cute! Dress it up with a striped tray (necessary to catch all the fixins).

7 / Speaking of those fixins, how about a DIY hot dog bar set up to make dogs from around the country? Let’s be frank, much like the garland, I might just make this at home for like a Thursday night.

Tropical Party Ideas

If yesterday’s cocktail hour post was any indication, I clearly refuse to believe that our tropical vacation is over. Therefore, I’m desperately trying to convince anyone who will listen that we should throw some kind of tropical party. No particular celebratory event or tropical destination necessary. Just, “yay, tropical!” Here are my top five tropical party favorites:

A Feteful Life: Tropical Party Ideas

1 / Paper & Stitch’s DIY honeycomb garland and drink stirrers — love, love the bright colors of these honeycomb.

2 / Tropical cocktails are a must, but no one wants to get stuck behind the bar (even if it is a tiki bar). I would definitely give this Paradise Punch from TheKitchn a go.

3 / There’s a jerk at every party, but I’d keep these festivities friendly with Jerk Shrimp Tacos + Pina Colada Crema.

4 / My kids would lose it over these DIY Fruit Balloons from Oh Happy Day. Fabulous!

5 / In case you missed ’em in our cocktail hour yesterday, I’m obsessed with these rainbow-colored whole fruit ice pops from 84th & 3rd, all of which have boozy options. Make some without for the kids and make everyone happy.

Easy July 4th Party Ideas

Every year, right around the middle of the summer, I start to feel overwhelmed. The kids have been out of school sufficiently long, we usually have one vacation under our belt and another coming up, and the heat and humidity have me kicking myself for willing warm weather. And July 4th is pretty much the beginning of that, which means I drag my feet about the holiday. Then my inner fete pipes up and I throw something celebratory together (usually for our annual Family Olympics we hold over the holiday). And I’m always happy I did! So, in case you’re finding yourself in a similar situation, here are some great, EASY July 4th ideas to spur your party self. Come on, if I can do it, you can do it!

A Feteful Life: Easy July 4th

1. Hang a bunch of patriotic-colored tissue paper fans. I’m a fan of Oriental Trading Company’s incredibly priced sets. Easy, cheap, and reusable.

2. I love these red, white + blue push pop desserts. Even easier, make something similar in little cups.

3. Holiday sangria. Enough said.

4. Free printable sparkler holders. I don’t trust my kids enough to give them sparklers yet, but if I did, I’d be printing some of these.

5. Super simple crepe paper + lights. Love this idea.

DIY Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

A Feteful Life: DIY Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

Earlier this week I showed you the lovely dip-dyed birthday dinner I threw for my sister. Well, today we’re getting our DIY on and showing you how to make the drink stirrers from the party. They are so easy and festive, and can be the perfect addition to any celebration.

A Feteful Life: DIY Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

  1. Supplies needed – white tissue paper, gel food coloring, wooden skewers, glue stick and scissors.
  2. Cut a strip of tissue paper about 1.5″ x 6″.
  3. Make the dye using 2-3 drops of gel food coloring and about a cup or two of water.
  4. Loosely roll the tissue paper.
  5. Dip 1/4 to 1/3 of the roll into the dye and leave it there for 1-2 seconds. Let the excess dye drip into the bowl and then dry on a drying rack. Feel free to repeat the dipping steps several times (allowing the dye to dry in-between) to achieve the color you desire.
  6. All the dye to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

A Feteful Life: DIY Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

  1. Fold the strip of dipped tissue paper in half.
  2. Cut fringes into the tissue about 1/3 – 1/2 down. Then add a little glue on one end and place the skewer on the glued area.
  3. Roll the tissue paper around the skewer, adding glue as you go and being sure to keep the roll tight.

A Feteful Life: Dip-Dyed Drink Stirrers

Finally, tassel the fringed area a bit and get ready to party!



DIY Photo Bunting

A Feteful Life: Photo Bunting

I’m feeling nostalgic for little babies lately. My youngest son just turned 2.5 and I just can’t figure out how that happened so fast. Last week I was looking through a lot of his baby pictures and I couldn’t help but make this awesome photo bunting in celebration of his first 12 months.

This was so easy to put together and would be a great addition for a first birthday party or any party, for that matter!

A Feteful Life: SuppliesFirst, pick your favorite 12 photos from the year. I picked one from each month of Owen’s first year. I then converted the photos to black and white and printed them in 5×7. The size of the prints is entirely up to you but obviously it will affect the size of your bunting (4×6 would give you smaller circles while an 8×10 would give you larger circles).

After your images are printed use an adjustable circle cutter to cut out the circles. As I have mentioned before, I love this one from Fiskars. I made my circle 4.75″ just to give me a little wiggle room for positioning the cutter on the photo.

A Feteful Life: Photo Bunting

Once the circles are cut out, cut two small slits towards the top of the circle so you can thread the yarn through the picture. If you only do one slit, the photo won’t lay flat. I used red and white bakers twine and threaded it through the slits with a large needle (similar to how this bunting was made). Voila!

I could stare at this little guy’s face all day!

A Feteful Life: Photo Bunting

A Feteful Life: Photo Bunting