Starry Night Party

I’m a little bit of an astronomy buff. I’ve been known to wake my kids up in the middle of the night to try and catch a meteor shower. And a stargazing party was high up on my list this summer, but I didn’t get to it! So I’m thinking of moving the party indoors this fall and putting together a starry night party full of midnight blue, metallics and twinkling lights. Here’s what I’m thinking for decor ….

A Feteful Life: Starry Night Party

1/ DIY french dot constellation table runner — OK, who wants to make this for me?! Amazing.

2/ Gold mercury glass votives — I love the shadows these cute little shimmery votives cast.

3/ Honeycomb decorations — these pretty honeycomb shapes remind me slightly of planets and help mix in a few other tones.

4/ Glitterati slate pillows — I’d love to have a low dining table and strew a bunch of these metallic print pillows on the floor.

5/ Starry string lights — these gorgeous lights come in a variety of bulb colors on flexible copper wire.

6/ Agate earth coasters — some of these totally remind me images I’ve seen taken in space. Plus, agate.

7/ Copper mirror tray — so shiny and perfect for my low table.

8/ Tassel garland — I love metallic tassels and, having made many of them, can appreciate when someone else does the work!

9/ Gold pouf — the reasonable price of these faux leather poufs would let me scatter several around.

Dog Days of Summer Party

Oh yeah. They’re here and they’re hot. I’m talking about the dog days of summer, friend. But I’m sick of talking about how hot it is. I’d rather celebrate these dog days with a fabulous hot dog inspired party. Let’s do it — before you know, we’ll be complaining about how cold it is!

A Feteful Life: Dog Days of Summer Party

1 / I love the hot dog party A Pair of Pears held for their pup’s 1st birthday. And I would totally use their invitation for my own Dog Days of Summer party.

2 / Pop print? Oh yes. I’d be making some envelope liners, garlands and party signage with these great hot dog printed papers from Whimsy and Nonsense.

3 / Remember these puppies? The pop Koons’esque minis would look great scattered about and sent home as favors.

4 / A DIY hot dog garland. Shut the front door. Head over to A Pair of Pears for the free template and DIY instructions. I might make this just for my home.

5 / These striped lanterns would look fabulous.

6 / You want your dog to look cute! Dress it up with a striped tray (necessary to catch all the fixins).

7 / Speaking of those fixins, how about a DIY hot dog bar set up to make dogs from around the country? Let’s be frank, much like the garland, I might just make this at home for like a Thursday night.

What’s In My: Party Styling Bag

Hosting a party in your home has many advantages, but to me, the biggest benefit is that I always have everything on hand I need to style whatever occasion we’re hosting. Styling elsewhere requires some real thought on what supplies I need to pull everything together. And having now styled in many different types of offsite venues, I think I have the necessities down pat. I don’t use any fancy bag for all the supplies — a good sturdy reusable shopping bag usually does the trick. Here’s what’s inside:

A Feteful Life: What's in My Styling Bag1. So I don’t actually have this Cabotte Hip Pack from Anthropolgie, but I definitely need it. I like to have at least a pair of scissors and several kinds of tape close at hand while styling and my current approach of carrying them in my back pocket is getting old. At a recent baby shower we styled, our friend Beth joked that she was going to get me a fanny pack and I retorted that “it better be Gucci.” That’s probably a bit much, but there are several super cute hip packs, belt bags, waist packs, etc. out there {and no matter what you call it, it’s still a fanny pack}.

2. Essential tools include a flexible measuring tape, an Xacto knife, and a great pair of scissors. No explanation needed there.

3. Striped paper straws are relatively inexpensive and super versatile. Besides being used as actual drinking straws, which can be dressed up all kinds of ways, I’ve used them to make photo props, cake buntings, and party signs. Just to name a few. I usually try to have a color that coordinates with other party decor, plus grey, black + white, and a metallic color to use as neutrals.

4. I’m kind of obsessed with Baker’s Twine. It’s pretty sturdy, but still so cute. I use it for just about everything, too: from hanging decorations, to embellishing favors, to packaging leftovers. And since it’s available in pretty much whatever color you want, you can really coordinate it with the rest of the party. I always have gold and black + white on hand.

5. I carry about 5 different kinds of tape for event styling, but washi tape is the best looking and most versatile. I frequently use clear packing tape to hang decorations (it’s sticky enough to catch Baker’s Twine and generally strong enough to hold most things up), but like to place a small piece of washi tape over it to hide the packing tape, which isn’t that attractive. I also use it to dress up cutlery, tack on labels, and even make cake buntings. I like having both a set of black + white patterns and metallic gold.

6. 12″ bamboo skewers are a staple as well. I’ve cut and embellished them for food styling, drink stirrers, and party signs.

7. There’s not a whole lot that a glue gun can’t fix — at least long enough to last through a party. It helps to have one on hand to quickly put together party signage, embellished skewers, or other decor. Careful though — those little suckers get reaaaal hot. I’ve got the scars to prove it.