My “Back to School” Uniforms

As I happily reported yesterday, my loves are back to school and we are all better for it. I love this particular change of seasons and have usually been ready for cooler weather for a while now. It’s not here quite yet, but that doesn’t stop me for shopping for it. I definitely do not buy a whole new wardrobe every fall, but over the years, I’ve honed down my weekday clothes to three basic categories. My back to school uniforms. I wear some (OK, one) more (OK, much more) than the others and one hardly at all anymore, but they’re all still there. And I like to change a few pieces in each every fall.

My “I’m Going to Workout Sometime Today” Uniform  — realistically this is my “I worked out this morning, but will remain in this all day” Uniform. You might have noticed that I like to eat and drink. Thus, I also like to run and strength train and try to get it in as much as I can. For me, workout clothes are far more function than fashion. And I have a good idea of what works best for me for actually working out. (Yes, I still pull the yoga pants sans yogaing move. Who doesn’t?!)

A Feteful Life: Workout Uniform

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My “I Took a Shower Today” Uniform — This is my most everyday look outside of the first uniform. I might occasionally dress this look up with a nicer top and put some makeup on, but for the most part I keep it simple.

A Feteful Life: Casual Uniform

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My “I Have a Meeting Today” Uniform— and will be out of this outfit promptly after. No surprise that I rock this look the least. Most of my “meetings” are now with DIY creative types and a nicer version of the uniform above works just fine. But I occasionally have something that requires me to dip back into the law firm wardrobe pieces I kept, which I pared down to the classics. My feet generally hurt after an hour of this, which amazes me that I used to wear it all day long.

A Feteful Life: Professional Uniform1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


Black + White Striped Wardrobe Pieces

My body type does not always lend itself to stripes — it can be hard to find a good stripe that doesn’t accentuate the wrong things. BUT I happen to be so, so in love with black + white stripes right now and I’d love to work them into my end of summer wardrobe. It makes so much sense to me as a print right now — still fresh and clean, but transitional to fall (whereas navy stripes always screams spring/summer to me). Perhaps paired with leather, mixed with camo, or even some leopard print. And I think I’ve rounded up pieces that will work for me. Here’s what’s topping my list ….

A Feteful Life: Black and White Striped Wardrobe Pieces

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Ask AFL: New Summer Bag

What’s a girl to do when faced with a sea of choices and no time to sift through all of her options? Well, if you’re our friend Beth, you ask AFL to do the searching and narrowing for you. And because Rebecca and I love to shop, we were more than happy to help a girl out.

We’re here to help the rest of you out as well, so please feel free to send us more “Ask AFL” questions and we’ll do our best to find the perfect pick for you! But before we get to all of your pressing needs, let’s help Beth find her perfect summer bag…

“Dear AFL,
I need a summer bag and I want it now! The problem? I have no idea which one to get. I’d like something casual enough to bring to a bbq or the store but nice enough to bring to a brunch with friends. I’d also like it to be able to hold the regular stuff plus my kindle or a diaper and wipes when needed. Any chance you could do a round-up of summer bags to help a girl out?”

Great question from our most loyal reader and best unpaid intern ever! And I actually have a ton of suggestions because, as I’ve lamented here, I’ve been on the hunt for a new everyday bag almost all year. I finally found one just in time for summer, which sparked my new obsession with cream bags for the season. I tried to give a range of prices and included my new one and two others as suggestions below — which one do you think is mine? Come on, we can be twinsies!
A Feteful Life: Ask AFL Summer Bags

Excellent question, Beth! And, one that I always find myself asking at least once a year. While Rebecca is obsessed with all of those gorgeous cream bags, I’m obsessing over cognac colored leather bags. I love them because they go with EVERYTHING – black, brown, tan, grey, etc. They also can easily go from casual to a bit more refined depending on what you wear. I picked my current favorite tote, bucket bag (which I love, love, love) and a satchel style bag. Now I want all of them. Thanks a lot, Beth!

Minty Fresh Pieces for Spring

I’m not a huge pastels girl. They just don’t particularly suit my personality. BUT I happen to love a good mint accessory or wardrobe piece and Pantone’s Hemlock is one of my favorite 2014 colors. I still take them with a little edge, though. These are the pieces I’m eyeing up for spring. How about you!? Are you a pastels person?

A Feteful Life: Mint Pieces for Spring

1. These skinny mint green jeans would work perfectly with a white tee and a pair of nude flats (good thing I’ve got my eye on several of those, too).

2. I love this super inexpensive mint and gold silicone watch — a great pop of color without commitment.

3. Because obviously I don’t have enough flats, these would be great to pair with netural colors or even a pattern.

4. I’m a big fan of J.Crew jewelry and this darker mint bracelet gives you the color with some (still glam) punk.

5. These mint and gold foil earrings square up perfectly with our love for all things geometric (remember this and this?)

6. Heavens to Betsey, this studded mint crossbody bag is fabulous.