What’s In My: Party Styling Bag

Hosting a party in your home has many advantages, but to me, the biggest benefit is that I always have everything on hand I need to style whatever occasion we’re hosting. Styling elsewhere requires some real thought on what supplies I need to pull everything together. And having now styled in many different types of offsite venues, I think I have the necessities down pat. I don’t use any fancy bag for all the supplies — a good sturdy reusable shopping bag usually does the trick. Here’s what’s inside:

A Feteful Life: What's in My Styling Bag1. So I don’t actually have this Cabotte Hip Pack from Anthropolgie, but I definitely need it. I like to have at least a pair of scissors and several kinds of tape close at hand while styling and my current approach of carrying them in my back pocket is getting old. At a recent baby shower we styled, our friend Beth joked that she was going to get me a fanny pack and I retorted that “it better be Gucci.” That’s probably a bit much, but there are several super cute hip packs, belt bags, waist packs, etc. out there {and no matter what you call it, it’s still a fanny pack}.

2. Essential tools include a flexible measuring tape, an Xacto knife, and a great pair of scissors. No explanation needed there.

3. Striped paper straws are relatively inexpensive and super versatile. Besides being used as actual drinking straws, which can be dressed up all kinds of ways, I’ve used them to make photo props, cake buntings, and party signs. Just to name a few. I usually try to have a color that coordinates with other party decor, plus grey, black + white, and a metallic color to use as neutrals.

4. I’m kind of obsessed with Baker’s Twine. It’s pretty sturdy, but still so cute. I use it for just about everything, too: from hanging decorations, to embellishing favors, to packaging leftovers. And since it’s available in pretty much whatever color you want, you can really coordinate it with the rest of the party. I always have gold and black + white on hand.

5. I carry about 5 different kinds of tape for event styling, but washi tape is the best looking and most versatile. I frequently use clear packing tape to hang decorations (it’s sticky enough to catch Baker’s Twine and generally strong enough to hold most things up), but like to place a small piece of washi tape over it to hide the packing tape, which isn’t that attractive. I also use it to dress up cutlery, tack on labels, and even make cake buntings. I like having both a set of black + white patterns and metallic gold.

6. 12″ bamboo skewers are a staple as well. I’ve cut and embellished them for food styling, drink stirrers, and party signs.

7. There’s not a whole lot that a glue gun can’t fix — at least long enough to last through a party. It helps to have one on hand to quickly put together party signage, embellished skewers, or other decor. Careful though — those little suckers get reaaaal hot. I’ve got the scars to prove it.

What’s In My: Beach Bag

If you follow us at all on Instagram, you might have noticed that I just spent an insanely happy and much needed almost 5-day vacation with my hubby in Vieques, Puerto Rico. The vacation was all about relaxation and, for both of us, that meant LOTS of beach time. And that gave me a good jump start on prepping my beach bag for the season, which I thought I’d share in hopes of willing warmer weather to arrive here. I’m of the mind that since my beach gear gets a lot of wear and tear (we spend a significant portion of our summer at various beaches too), I’m not willing to invest a lot of money in it. I generally buy things that will last me for an entire season, but that aren’t so expensive that I get upset if they don’t. So, here’s what’s in my beach bag this year! What’s in yours?

A Feteful Life: What's In My Beach Bag


1.  If I’m headed to the beach sans kiddos, I prefer to carry a medium-sized bag — more like a tote bag. If it’s too big, I will fill it and find myself schlepping around an unnecessarily heavy bag. I picked this one up on our trip from some local screen printer artists. I love that I can carry it all season and think of our trip, but I think this one is pretty cute, too.

2. I usually start out wearing my nice sunglasses, but found that I like having a second inexpensive pair to wear in the ocean. I picked up these mint babies from Target and they were perfect.

3. My general Bobbi Brown lip balm with 15 spf obsession escalates during beach season when I make sure I slather it on to keep the sun at bay.

4. We go through a serious amount of sunscreen in my fair skinned family and this has been my favorite recently — it’s reasonably priced, easy to put on, not greasy, and comes in a small enough size to carry on. I usually start out with a higher spf and then move to 30 once I get a little base color.

5. Even with frequently reapplied sunscreen, my face still has a tendency to burn so I’m a big fan of a beach hat and I love a good fedora. There are plenty of pricey options out there, but I always stick with the inexpensive ones because mine inevitably gets crushed. I love this one from Forever21.

6. + 7. To help keep the sun off the rest of me at times, I make sure to have a lightweight Tshirt with good coverage and an oversized light scarf. I picked up this Old Navy tee this season and used it when I wanted to keep the sun off my chest, but not cover up my arms completely. I have a large skull print scarf I got at London’s Portobello Road Market years ago, but this one from Etsy is pretty fab, too. I use it as a coverup, head wrap, and even to lay on when a beach towel feels too hot.