2013 Pantone Holiday Gift Guides

On the off chance you’re not a design geek, you might be wondering, “what the heck is Pantone and why do I care about it for buying gifts?” If that’s the case, then you’ll likely want only a brief explanation. The Pantone Matching System is a standardized color reproduction system used in a variety of industries, including graphic design, and ensures that when I ask for a particular color to be used, the designer, printer, etc. knows exactly what color I mean. Pantone also plays a role in the fashion industry as the company sets a “color of the year” — this year it is Emerald — and surveys designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to develop a season’s most important color trends. Given that we are both design geeks and (we think) on trend, we thought it would be fun to pull together holiday gift guides coordinating with Pantone’s 2013 Fall/Winter colors (women’s and men’s). Now go forth and be colorful!

Pantone For the Ladies


1. I love a colorful bangle. And gold. And studs. And Pantone’s color of the year. Yesssss, Kate Spade; 2. Mischa’s hexagonal printed iPad case would be a fabulous pop of color and print (incidentally, Hermes has several insane Mykonos blue bags and if that’s the kind of present you’re looking for, just email me directly. we need to figure out how you can buy it for me); 3. yes, more jewelry. if you need to ask why, then you need a different gift guide all together. love this statement necklace from J.Crew that’s sort of in between Pantone’s Samba and Vivacious; 4. treat yourself to a pedicure with Essie’s Acai-toned “Damsel in a Dress”; 5. even my illegible handwriting would look fabulous in a gunmetal grey leather notebook from Mr. Boddington’s.

Dudes Like Pantone, Too


1. these handpainted flash drives come pretty close to Koi and Mykonos Blue, and he might actually use them; 2. who doesn’t love a good pair of Chucks? get ’em in parasailing green; 3. keep him warm in this Carafe-colored puffer from Burberry; 4. this organic cotton hoodie looks so comfy; 5. Mrs. Lilien’s cocktail swatchbook might not match up exactly to this season’s Pantone colors, but it’s Pantone. and, well, it will look good on that bar cart he really wants; 6. gunmetal grey gloves from Mulberry will make you want to hold hands for sure.

Your Kids Don’t Care, But You Do and You Get To Buy Their Stuff


1. I’ve been eyeing up these Uncommon Goods periodic table building blocks for years and now they match up nicely with several seasonal Pantone colors; 2. keep your kiddo hip in this great Mykonos Blue-colored tee3. baby moccasins are pretty much the cutest thing in the world to begin with. now, Pantoned in Emerald!; 4. I know a little girl who’d rock these Acai’ish headphones and I’m sure they’d make Doc McStuffins in the car tolerable for all; 5. I recently bought this Pantone card set for my kids and they LOVE them. it makes them feel like they’re partaking in graphic design and provides a fun seek-and-find game at the same time.


4 thoughts on “2013 Pantone Holiday Gift Guides

  1. I love these picks, especially the emerald bracelet. I look forward to the Pantone color reveal every December (can’t wait to find out what 2014’s is). In 2011 (the year of Tangerine Tango), I bought an amazing Pantone brand bright orange lipstick at Sephora and then hoarded it until it ran out.

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