Campfire Cooking Combos

We just returned from a great vacation to the northern Michigan island where I spent much of my summers growing up. It was such a wonderful thing to share with my husband and kids for the very first time. But it pretty much rained the entire week. Or threatened to rain. Or just dropped fog continuously. In any event, my plans to do some nostalgic campfire cooking did not pan out. BUT there’s still time to fit in some great wilderness cooking for you! Here are some awesome combos I’d love to dish up throughout the day.

A Feteful Life: Campfire Cooking Combos

Breakfast: Campfire Breakfast Burger + Bourbon Marshmallow Bacon S’Mores (what? there’s bacon in there)

Lunch: Camp Pizza with Carmelized Onions, Sausage and Fontina + Pineapple Berry Hobo Pack

Dinner: Dutch Oven Braised Beef and Summer Vegetables + Campfire Tarts


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