I Want It Now: Gold Skull Studs

A Feteful Life: Gold Skull Studs


I have about a million pairs of office workplace-appropriate stud earrings from back in the day, but my post-office everyday collection is suffering and I need to fix it up. I like teensy pairs that are flat to my ears, which I can sleep in when I inevitably forget to take them out, and don’t get yanked out when my daughter plays hairdresser nightly. I’ve got my eyes on this little gold skull pair, which reminds me of dia de los muertos sugar skulls with their heart eyes. I want ’em now!


Fete Local: Jewelry by Beth Lauren

A Feteful Life: Jewelry by Beth Lauren

I came to two conclusions after visiting local jewelry designer Beth Silverberg’s 14th St. studio: (1) I want to live/work there; and (2) I would drape myself in her gorgeous geometric brass and quartz designs any day of the week. I might not accomplish the first, but you and I can both make the latter happen seeing as Jewelry by Beth Lauren is available online. One out of two isn’t bad, I suppose.

Beth’s unique jewelry features incredibly interesting tribal and brass geometric elements, and incorporates quartz and crystal in unexpected arrangements. I love that her approach to design is to source materials first, including a heavy dose of vintage, and then use those as inspiration. It’s such fabulous handcrafted design. And while her jewelry is stocked by serious retail stores (such as Barneys Japan and Anthropologie), she continues to maintain a strong local presence by working out of her live-in studio and popping up in boutiques around town.

Her studio, by the way, seems pretty much the perfect place in which to create. From its floor to ceiling windows, to the well-styled living room, to my favorite CB2 candleholders (of which I had an entire dining room table full pre-kiddos), I’m ready to move in. But I digress.

If you’re looking for unique jewelry, from the everyday piece to something really special, we highly recommend checking out her collection. We didn’t even bother trying to cull a top ten — it wasn’t going to happen. We’ll take it all (can’t you just see me in that first pair of earrings below?! … bad pun intended).

A Feteful Life: Jewelry by Beth Lauren

A Feteful Life: Jewelry by Beth Lauren

A Feteful Life: Jewelry by Beth Lauren

A Feteful Life: Jewelry by Beth Lauren

A Feteful Life: Jewelry by Beth Lauren

A Feteful Life: Jewelry by Beth Laure

I Want it Now: Everyday Gold Necklace

A Feteful Life: KeAlohaNecklaceI’ve always been a silver girl but over the last year, I’ve fallen in love with gold. It all started when I got this watch by Michael Kors. I’ve had the silver version for a while but got the gold version a few months ago. I have some fancier gold jewelry that I wear with the watch when I’m going out but I still don’t have an everyday gold necklace that I can wear with the watch. I absolutely love this double layered necklace by Ke Aloha Jewelry and I want it now!

Valentine’s Inspired Jewelry

A Feteful Life: Valentine's Inspired Jewelry

My kids crack me up. Every time Kay Jewelers’ commercial for their Open Heart pendant comes on, my kiddos insist they’re going to get their daddy to get it for me for Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl who loves jewelry. But I like my Valentine to be slightly more subtle. To that end, I’ve pulled together a roundup of Valentine’s inspired jewelry — all the same sentiment, just slightly less in your face.

1. shoot an arrow through her heart with this sweet bangle from Stella and Dot. It’s super affordable, too.

2. wish for more time together or set the watch to remind you of an important time with this watch works pendant from Anthropologie.

3. she’s as good as gold and now she’ll know it with this Kate Spade watch.

4. my husband and I met in the month of August and this year we’ll celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. I’d love to think of both with this JCrew numbered gold code ring.

5. plum druzy earrings — I love the rawness and color of these.