What’s In My: Beach Bag

If you follow us at all on Instagram, you might have noticed that I just spent an insanely happy and much needed almost 5-day vacation with my hubby in Vieques, Puerto Rico. The vacation was all about relaxation and, for both of us, that meant LOTS of beach time. And that gave me a good jump start on prepping my beach bag for the season, which I thought I’d share in hopes of willing warmer weather to arrive here. I’m of the mind that since my beach gear gets a lot of wear and tear (we spend a significant portion of our summer at various beaches too), I’m not willing to invest a lot of money in it. I generally buy things that will last me for an entire season, but that aren’t so expensive that I get upset if they don’t. So, here’s what’s in my beach bag this year! What’s in yours?

A Feteful Life: What's In My Beach Bag


1.  If I’m headed to the beach sans kiddos, I prefer to carry a medium-sized bag — more like a tote bag. If it’s too big, I will fill it and find myself schlepping around an unnecessarily heavy bag. I picked this one up on our trip from some local screen printer artists. I love that I can carry it all season and think of our trip, but I think this one is pretty cute, too.

2. I usually start out wearing my nice sunglasses, but found that I like having a second inexpensive pair to wear in the ocean. I picked up these mint babies from Target and they were perfect.

3. My general Bobbi Brown lip balm with 15 spf obsession escalates during beach season when I make sure I slather it on to keep the sun at bay.

4. We go through a serious amount of sunscreen in my fair skinned family and this has been my favorite recently — it’s reasonably priced, easy to put on, not greasy, and comes in a small enough size to carry on. I usually start out with a higher spf and then move to 30 once I get a little base color.

5. Even with frequently reapplied sunscreen, my face still has a tendency to burn so I’m a big fan of a beach hat and I love a good fedora. There are plenty of pricey options out there, but I always stick with the inexpensive ones because mine inevitably gets crushed. I love this one from Forever21.

6. + 7. To help keep the sun off the rest of me at times, I make sure to have a lightweight Tshirt with good coverage and an oversized light scarf. I picked up this Old Navy tee this season and used it when I wanted to keep the sun off my chest, but not cover up my arms completely. I have a large skull print scarf I got at London’s Portobello Road Market years ago, but this one from Etsy is pretty fab, too. I use it as a coverup, head wrap, and even to lay on when a beach towel feels too hot.


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